During the Covid-19 Pandemic, we are operational as our employees work from home.
A non-profit 501(c)(3) organization providing  Insurance Industry Certification and Licensing in the areas of insurance products, sales and services for  young adults, veterans, women and displaced workers. 
A non-profit 501(c)(3) organization providing Insurance Industry Certification and Licensing in the areas of insurance products, sales and services for young adults, veterans, women and displaced workers. 
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Want to become a sponsor because you like what we're about? Do you share the same interests and/or just want to help? Anyone can be a sponsor!


Your sponsorship, that of your church, organization or place of employment could possibly be the one thing that impacts and changes the life of an individual and their family.  One person can make a difference, so please consider a donation or a direct sponsorship of a friend, relative or associate.


A donation can be in the form of a monetary gift, furnishings, cabinetry or even artwork. Even a networking call or email suggesting where or how to acquire items for the Institute would be appreciated.


For those of you in the Insurance Industry, your sponsorship will assure qualified individuals are ready to join your organizations and build a strong, knowledgeable workforce for the future.


CONTACT US NOW.  We look forward to discussing your level of sponsorship 

and support as soon as possible, as well as welcoming you to our organization!

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is the time to study for and enroll in 

the 3-day 

class session

OCTOBER 12-14, 2024

Property and Casualty Manual, Part 1

available for $50.00


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we will make every effort to find it for you.

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