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A non-profit 501(c)(3) organization providing  Insurance Industry Certification and Licensing in the areas of insurance products, sales and services for  young adults, veterans, women and displaced workers. 
A non-profit 501(c)(3) organization providing Insurance Industry Certification and Licensing in the areas of insurance products, sales and services for young adults, veterans, women and displaced workers. 
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Business Development Intern






This position is designed to expose the intern to multiple aspects and components of business development and management. Through an internship with A For The People Institute (Institute), the intern will be responsible for numerous duties to include but not limited to: proposal writing, event coordination, class room scheduling, interaction with the Board of Directors, assisting with marketing and public relations, and supporting community relations efforts for the Institute. Additional tasks may include: designing art and copy layouts for visual communications media, determining size and arrangement of graphics and copy, selecting type, arranging layouts, drawing samples, and preparing instructions for printers and assemblers. The intern will report directly to the President of the Institute.





The duties and responsibilities of the Institute intern span the realms of public relations, grant and proposal writing, general administration and management. The intern will work across a diverse community and neighborhood setting where they will be asked to attend various meetings and seminars in order to find opportunities to expand the Institute’s media coverage, strengthen and build upon existing relationships with various foundations, and follow-up with the Institute Board of Directors and Committees. They will also be required to complete daily administrative functions such as organizing and maintaining files, receiving phone inquiries, relaying messages to the appropriate parties, and attending Institute Board of Directors and Membership Meetings. Lastly, the intern will be required to assist the Institute in expanding and retaining its student base by communicating with businesses through in-person visits, phone conversations and emails.


  • Qualifications

We are seeking an individual who is self-motivated, creative and a team player. This intern should demonstrate strong interpersonal, organizational and leadership, and skills. The ability to communicate well both verbally and in writing in conjunction with strong computer skills including a familiarity with the Microsoft Office Suite of programs. The Intern will preferably be in pursuit of a post-secondary design, urban planning, or marketing degree.  


  • Skills

The position requires skills in time management, leadership, and the ability to communicate effectively across various mediums. In addition, the position requires, but is not limited to, the following:


  1. Experience in collecting and compiling research materials
  2. Proficiency in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access
  3. Creativity, initiative, good judgment, and the ability to express thoughts clearly and simply
  4. Decision-making and problem-solving skills
  5. Mathematical and statistical ability is essential and good planning skills.


  • Work Environment

Standard office environment with frequent community meetings.


  • Attendance

The work schedule will be based on an agreement between the President and the intern at time of acceptance. It is expected that the intern will be able to contribute about 15 hours of their time per week. The intern will be expected to attend all Board of Directors and Membership Meetings that occur, possibly to record the minutes, but at least to take notes. Often times, these meetings are during non-business hours, so the intern will be expected to make every effort to attend these meetings when possible.


  • Preferred Personal Attributes

Intern should be logical, meticulous and good at communicating with different types of people. Understanding of educational and social differences will help the intern observe, design and interpret their studies more accurately. The ability to keep information private is critical, and they must have sound knowledge and understanding of the businesses or industries they research.


  • Licenses

A valid driver’s license in the event travel is required.



  • Secondary Duties/ Non-Essential Duties

All other duties assigned by the President or designate




  • The internship will last for a minium of eight (8) weeks. The intern is able to work up to thirty five (35) hours per week at a pay rate to be negotiated. Please visit our website at www.aforthepeople.com.


Inquiries should be sent to Regina Johnson, info@aforthepeople.com. 







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